Friday, November 15, 2013

Deliverance from the Fire

When the three Hebrew children were in the fiery furnace...God could have lowered the heat each step they took towards the fire... but instead... the fire grew hotter & hotter. When the Lord finally did deliver them... they were in the midst of the hottest flames. God may not deliver you before the fire... you may not avoid the heat... but He may choose to deliver you while you're in hottest flames... and will probably do it in the most surprising way. You'll discover later that you were never at risk... not actually hurt... and that the smell of smoke is no where on you. God deserves to be praised for the way He is about to deliver you!!!

It may be a good thing that God doesn't show us the fiery trials... from which He will deliver us... that are just around the corner. If we knew it before hand... we might get ahead of Him... avoid the trial... miss the lesson that God has for us to learn... be weakened instead of strengthened... and not finish our present assignment. Just be faithful... stand firm... trust God... even if the heat seems unbearable. He will give you everything you need... the moment you need it... to endure. He is opening a door of escape...