The "Jesus Pin"

As we prepare to embark on our 14th Olympic Games ministry, we are seeking sponsors to help cover the cost of the "Jesus Pin," the tool we use to open conversations with those we encounter.  These beautiful, custom-designed pins are only $2 each and every pin has the potential to change a life.
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The "Jesus Pin" was given its title at the 1994 Winter Games in Lillehammer, Norway.  Among the thousands of pins traded at each Olympics, this one is unique because it tells a story.

BLACK - represents the SIN in our lives that separates us from Jesus.

RED - represents the BLOOD THAT JESUS SHED to pay the penalty for our sin.

WHITE - represents PURITY.  When we confess our sins and ask Jesus to take control of our lives.  HE FORGIVES OUR SINS and takes away the punishment we deserve.

GREEN - represents GROWTH toward becoming more like Jesus.

GOLD - represents the ABUNDANT LIFE now -- and the ETERNAL LIFE to come-- with God in Heaven.

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