Friday, October 25, 2013

Answering the Call

I remember the night many years ago at the end of my workout… I sat alone… under a pitch-black sky sprinkled with starlight… seemingly isolated far away from the rest of the world… searching for my purpose in life… seeking God & His direction… desiring Godly leaders as examples & encouragement. I was feeling somewhat abandoned… isolated like an island in the middle of the ocean… cut off from the world… My inner spirit began to churn…. for more than an hour I cried out to God, “Where are the Godly leaders who seek you first and foremost?” those who can speak to me with wisdom from on high?... Those who put you first?... Where are your Godly leaders?

Then God dropped a “Suddenly” on me. Suddenly… His peace filled the darkness… a calmness came over my spirit… my questions dissolved… the atmosphere was thick with the presence of the Lord. God communicated with me in the darkness. You ask, “Did He speak with an audible voice?” No, it was more penetrating than that. In my spirit I understood Him to clearly say, “David Guinn, YOU be the leader you are seeking in the others.”

From that encounter with God … I stopped questioning… stopped second guessing… stopped criticizing other leaders… and strongest motivation of my life is to become that Godly leader that God called me to be.