Friday, October 4, 2013


I believe that you can tell a lot about people by the way they treat those who serve them… such as a waiter or waitress. I don’t appreciate people who are rude, short tempered, inconsiderate, or treat servers like they are inferior. Whenever we go out to eat at a restaurant where you actually sit down, order from a menu, not off the wall or from car window, I often ask our server if there is anything they would like for us to pray for them about while we're saying thanks-to-God before our meal. We have had so many unique and precious responses. They range from surprise… delight… instant tears and confession… some will bring friends & fellow servers over to talk… others share deep concerns for close family members facing cancer & other health issues… one girl’s husband had left them, house caught fire and burned 1 week later, needed a place for her and 3 kids, & we were able to help… broken family relationships… straying from God… seeking a local church… single-pregnant-no one knows-alone-? what to do next… some have asked questions… found answers & have asked Christ to become boss of their life…& still other times> silent shock. Some will tell us and hurry off… some hold hands with us as we pray… others ask us to wait and please talk at their break time. People have asked, “How you able to get folks to talk about their relationship with God so easily?” I give them my complicated, highly technical formula…Lol… I simply ask them to, “Tell me about your relationship with God.” And they tell me. It’s that simple… but we have to open the door. We don’t have to blast a horn… or push our beliefs… but we do need to do is show the respect, concern and compassion Christ had so that people can see Jesus through us. Let’s keep on lifting Jesus up… The word says, When He is lifted up… ALL men will be drawn unto Him!!! Hallelujah!!!